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Energy operators reliant on the sun prepared for a day of headaches as a total eclipse coincided with...
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The executive order represents the latest use of presidential power to address climate change, as Congress resists passing legislation.
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Two former employees at Freedom Industries pleaded guilty to a pollution charge Wednesday in a chemical spill that fouled a tap water supply last...
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Solar has seen a dramatic fall in costs, on the order of more than 60 percent over the last five years.
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Webster Parish residents and others said they would not shy from a confrontation if the authorities proceed with a plan to openly burn an...
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Elevator shafts accounted for much of the heat loss in New York City buildings, leaks that cost owners money and have detrimental environmental effects,...
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The Sierra Nevada snowpack, which is supposed to provide 30 percent of the state's water, is at its second-lowest level on record.
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President Obama will lay out an approach that would increase spending on education, health care and energy. more
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Two former owners of Freedom Industries pleaded guilty on Monday to environmental violations stemming from last year's Charleston chemical spill. ...
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The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries remains reluctant to prop up prices, saying that American production should eventually level off.