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This week's Australia Letter: Hobart's best chicken Parma, and other news. ...read more
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By luck or design, short-track speedskating has created double doses of suspense with its use of replay review. There's the
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This time around, the theatricality and flamboyance that were once frowned upon or ridiculed have been embraced. ...read more
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Behind an old door on a quiet street, Philippe Anthonioz creates his larger-than-life pieces. ...read more

Animal-rights advocates have long criticized the track. Its closing also reflects the island's transformation into a popular tourist destination for
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The United States and Canada face each other for the Olympic gold medal on Thursday. What else is new? ...

Vice President Mike Pence had planned to secretly meet with North Korean officials at the Winter Olympics in South Korea,
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The hip-hop pioneer will receive a retrospective featuring graffiti and sculptures at Red Bull Arts New York. ...read more

Electoral campaign slogans warn against the migrants' “invasion,” but Italy's social fabric has already changed. ...read more

The European Union has bestowed huge sums on Poland, but the country has fomented discord over identity, solidarity and, perhaps