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Kovvali Magazine accepts articles on diverse topics under several categories including but not limited to Education, Health &Medicine, Science and Technology, Literature, and Business.  Kovvali Magazine is soliciting articles from amateur as well accomplished professionals who are interested to share their expertise with the rest of the world.

All articles should be submitted online on the magazine's website. Articles should not exceed 1000 words and should be submitted as word documents. If you like to submit images/video/audio files that are related to the article, please submit them along with the article and label them clearly with the short title of the article and main author's last name.  If there are more than one author on the article, one of the authors should be designated as main author who assumes responsibility for all aspects of the article on behalf of the co-authors. All decisions on the articles will be communicated to the main author and it is the responsibility of the main author to inform the co-authors.

Access to the Published articles may be restricted to premium and professional members only. The management of Kovvali Magazine make decisions about this from time to time and all the decisions are final.

All articles should be original articles and by submitting articles to Kovvali Magazine, authors agree to all the editorial polices of the magazine. All decisions by the magazine on the acceptance/rejection of articles is final and correspondence will not be entertained. The authors assign copyright of the accepted articles to Kovvali MagazineKovvali Magazine reserves the rights to use the accepted articles to publish in the magazine and/or its sister media. No part of the article may be published or reproduced by the authors in any other media without written permission of the management of Kovvali Magazine. All opinions and views expressed in the articles are of the authors and Kovvali Magazine will not take any responsibility for the explicit or implicit views expressed by the authors in the articles.

Why publish in Kovvali Magazine?

  1. Publishing in Kovvali Magazine is a privilege offered only to the professional members of Kovvali Magazine.
  2. You can demonstrate your domain expertise.
  3. All articles submitted to Kovvali Magazine will be reviewed by the editors of the magazine and comments will be sent to the authors as needed and appropriate. Revised articles will be published online at the earliest opportunity.
  4. All accepted articles will be considered eligible to publish in the annual special edition of Kovvali Magazine based on the criteria established by the editors and management.
  5. Authors may be asked to promote their articles by way of talking about their work in a brief audio-visual clipping.
  6. All published articles will be available for rating by the public. Authors are encouraged to share the information about their articles with their friends and family for rating their articles. High rating may be used one of the criteria for including publishing articles in the annual special edition.
  7. All published articles will be made available as software generated audio files.
  8. All authors will be given a special certificate to acknowledge their publication in Kovvali Magazine.

Why blog? Let your words and opinions count. Get published in Kovvali Magazine and be recognized!

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