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Scientists find that neurological changes mark transition from ambivalent adolescent to capable adult in the roundworm.

A large international survey asked nearly 20,000 participants about their sun protection behavior and skin cancer awareness.

Exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke -- even before conception -- appears to have a lingering impact that can later impair

Researchers have found promising results for treating depression with a video game interface that targets underlying cognitive issues associated with

Researchers put forth the notion of overfat, a condition of having sufficient excess body fat to impair health. After review

A treatment billed as a potential breakthrough in the fight against disease, including cancer, could back-fire and make the disease

Scientists introduce method to identify regulatory sequences in RNA by analyzing their regulatory function in a massive parallel reporter assay

On New Year's Day this coming Sunday, we will once again be waiting to see the first baby is born

Cancer cells spread to other sites in the body through promoting the growth of new 'roads' to travel on. Scientists

Researchers have had initial success in mice using nanodiscs to deliver a customized therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of colon