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Wayne Rooney scored twice in United's 2-1 win over Sunderland, though his performance was overshadowed after the referee appeared to eject the wrong player...
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John Hart, formerly a general manager with the Indians and the Rangers, is fired up about resuming his position in the front office and...
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Hannes Reichelt of Austria finished ahead of his teammates Romed Baumann and Matthias Mayer. ...read more
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Mike Aaman, a transfer from Rhode Island who was declared medically disqualified because of a history of concussions, has helped lift Wagner with his...
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No matter the glove, no matter the design or its weight, or color, it is what Juan Lagares does with it in center field...
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In a world where attention spans are under duress and where entertainment options are proliferating, sports are increasingly focused on making the most of...
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Mason, whose muscular play and fearsome court persona helped the Knicks reach the N.B.A. finals in 1994, was an unlikely success story.
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The Knicks, who had lost eight straight games, won in double overtime with help from Shane Larkin's 3-point play in the final minute.
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The Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen was fined $150,000 for comments about free agency. The fine is the largest in Major League...
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For runners at Central Park, beating the crowds means braving the cold before sunrise. ...read more