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A selected, critical guide to jazz performances in New York City. ...read more
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A selected, critical guide to cabaret shows and performances of rock, pop, hip-hop and more in New York City. ...read...
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Juilliard Opera's production draws parallels between this harrowing work and college “rape culture.” ...read more
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Mr. Perelman said that he would push for the hall to stage more of the pop performances it was known for decades ago.
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Music is found in all human cultures and thus appears to be part of our biology and not simply a cultural phenomenon. One approach...
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Ms. Mason sings a number from the new musical, from the troupe the Civilians, about people working in the pornography industry.
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The latest from Estelle, the band Sonny and the Sunsets, and a collaboration led by Adam Birnbaum are among notable new albums.
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Mr. Andrew, a musician who played a key role in Janis Joplin's early career, was a founder of the band, part of the San...
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Ms. Gore's hits included “It's My Party,” “Judy's Turn to Cry” and “You Don't Own Me,” which became a feminist anthem.
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The soprano dabbled in the popular canon at a Valentine's Day concert featuring songs by Jerome Kern, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington and others.