Kovvali Academy

Kovvali Magazine is the official magazine of Kovvali Academy.  Kovvali Magazine is poised to be the platform for the young and the veterans and will publish articles on diverse topics.

Why publish in Kovvali Magazine?

  1. Publishing in Kovvali Magazineis a privilege offered only to the professional members of Kovvali Magazine.
  2. You can demonstrate your domain expertise.
  3. All articles submitted to Kovvali Magazine will be reviewed by the editors of the magazine and comments will be sent to the authors as needed and appropriate. Revised articles will be published online at the earliest opportunity.
  4. All accepted articles will be considered eligible to publish in the annual special edition of Kovvali Magazinebased on the criteria established by the editors and management.
  5. Authors may be asked to promote their articles by way of talking about their work in a brief audio-visual clipping.
  6. All published articles will be available for rating by the public. Authors are encouraged to share the information about their articles with their friends and family for rating their articles. High rating may be used one of the criteria for including publishing articles in the annual special edition.
  7. All published articles will be made available as software generated audio files.
  8. All authors will be given a special certificate to acknowledge their publication in Kovvali Magazine

Why blog? Let your words and opinions count. Get published in Kovvali Magazine and be recognized!

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